HYBRiX multicopter drone sets world record for flight endurance

A drone made by a company called Quaternium Technologies has set a world record for flight duration. The drone used to set the record is a HYBRiX.20 RPA drone. The record-setting flight was performed on December 24 in Valencia, Spain.

The duration record that the multicopter set was for staying aloft a total of 4 hours and 40 minutes. One factor allowing the record-setting flight is a hybrid fuel-electric powertrain. The aircraft runs on LIPO 125 batteries and has a 2-stroke combustion engine that requires 95 octane gas and 4% oil mixed in.

The drone can carry a payload of up to 2.5kg and weighs in at 13.5kg empty. It is designed with removable arms and can be deployed by a single person. Endurance with a full load us listed as 2 hours.

Cruise speed for the drone is 50 km/hr and the max speed is 80 km/hr. There is no indication of what sort of modifications, if any, were made to the drone used to set the duration record. The drone is piloted using a fancy Q16 Skyline control system.

It has a pair of LCD screens allowing flight control and viewing of the video feed. The pilot can control the gimbal and aircraft independently from the same control panel.