Hyatt hotels reveal malware discovered in payment systems

Adam Westlake - Dec 24, 2015, 8:45am CST
Hyatt hotels reveal malware discovered in payment systems

Following a series of hotel chains that have recently disclosed the presence of malware in their payment processing systems, Hyatt has come forward as the latest to fall victim. The chain says it made the discovery on November 30th, and is advising any guests who stayed at a Hyatt in recent months to double-check their bank statements for signs of fraud.

The hotel company has released a statement noting that they’ve upgraded their payment systems to strengthen security, and that going forward guests can “feel confident using payment cards at Hyatt hotels worldwide.” Hyatt’s Global President of Operations, Chuck Floyd, says they haven’t yet identified the source of the malware, but an investigation is still ongoing.

Among the details Hyatt is being silent about include how long it believes the malware was present on their systems, and how much customer information could have been obtained. It’s probably best for anyone to who stayed at a Hyatt within the last year to review their credit card statements, and of course notify their bank of any suspicious activity.

Previous hotel chains affected include Hilton and Starwood, both of which admitted to malware that targeted customer’s names, credit card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes. Investigations have revealed that the hotel industry as a whole seems to be relying on fairly insecure hardware.


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