Humvee Filled With Gumballs

That one statement just about says it all, until you see the picture. The artist, Heidi Hesse, for some reason unknown to anyone else decided to pay tribute the the large, gas guzzling military vehicle by making one filled with gumballs.

The lady took and made a wire frame in what seems to be a to scale, exact replica of a humvee (minus the tires as i see no gumballs in those and they look real) and then filled it with gum. I realize this is art, but I am apparently not enough of an art buff to get the message being conveyed.

If it actually rolls, it would be great for car shows and parades, otherwise it looks like the onlookers of this vehicle as well as its creator will have no choice but to move the thing one gumball at a time. I am sure there is a gang of kids more than willing to help.

Gas guzzler? This Hummer's a gum-guzzler [via Crave]