Humor: Microsoft Zune Phone Mockup, It Could Be Worse

James Allan Brady - Aug 24, 2007

No, it couldn’t, who am I kidding. So some people went to the trouble of making an entire video of what they thought the Zune Phone (zPhone?) would look like and some of its features if it were to be made.

Those features include a rotary phone dialing interface, Polaroid camera (the film type, not the camera brand), and a blinking LED digital alarm clock. Oh yeah, and the fully charged battery was dead by the end of the short video.

There was also a lot of spam in the email inbox and a malfunctioning (tape?) player for music. They were a bit shady on the release date too, it started at August 2007 and went all the way up to June 2009…-ish.

The Microsoft Zune Phone [via gadgettastic]

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