Humble THQ Bundle closes with more than $5 million raised

If you didn't pick up the stellar Humble THQ Bundle, then we're sorry to say that your window of opportunity has passed. The bundle closed last night with gamers throwing a total of $5,097,629.01 at the promotion. 885,307 bundles were sold during the run, easily making this one of the most popular Humble Bundles ever.

It isn't hard to see why it was so popular either, as THQ was letting gamers name their price on a bundle of excellent triple-A games. That was a first for Humble Bundle, as they're usually comprised of indie titles from up-and-coming developers (though we have seen music and eBook bundles in the past). Titles like Darksiders, Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War, and Saints Row: The Third were included in this bundle, so it isn't any surprise that it did so well.

At the end of it all, the average purchase price for this Windows-only bundle was $5.76, with THQ president Jason Rubin paying a total of $11,050 throughout the promotion. When the bundle first kicked off, Rubin dropped $1,050 on the Humble THQ Bundle, but as the deal was winding down, he paid out a whopping $10,000. He told a fan on Twitter that 95% of that $10,000 payment went to charity – in this case Child's Play and the American Red Cross – while the remaining 5% was paid as a Humble Tip.

THQ has been struggling a bit lately, so hopefully this Humble Bundle helped the company raise a bit of quick cash. It would be great to see more big-time developers and publishers do this in the future, but since this seems like an act of desperation more than anything else, that's probably too much to hope for. In any case, we can certainly label the Humble THQ Bundle a success – did you pick one up?