Humble Freedom Bundle gives massive games pack charity twist

Eric Abent - Feb 13, 2017, 3:45pm CST
Humble Freedom Bundle gives massive games pack charity twist

Ever since it first got rolling all those years ago, Humble Bundle has offered a countless number of pay-what-you-want bundles for charity. If there was ever one that was too good to pass up, though, it might be the latest. Say hello to the Humble Freedom Bundle, an absolutely massive bundle that brings together dozens of books and games in one big package that benefits three very important charities: the ACLU, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), and the International Rescue Committee. What’s not to love?

Given the sheer size of this bundle, you won’t be able to get away with paying just a few dollars. Instead, it looks like the floor is $30, though if you want to pay more for the Humble Freedom Bundle, you are obviously more than welcome to do so. While that may seem like a lot of cash compared to bundles of the past, have a look at everything you get:

The Witness
Stardew Valley
Day of the Tentacle Remastered
Nuclear Throne
Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Invisible Inc.
Super Meat Boy
World of Goo
Mushroom 11
No Time to Explain Remastered
The Stanley Parable
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
Super Hexagon
Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition
The Swapper
Thirty Flights of Loving
Human Resource Machine
2064: Read Only Memories
A Virus Names TOM
7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat
Mini Metro
Retro Game Crunch
Tower of Guns
Waking Mars
Song of the Deep
Monster Loves You!
AI War: Fleet Command
Hot Tin Roof: The Cat that Wore a Fedora
Secrets of Rætikon
Streamline (Early Access)
Ninja Pizza Girl
Robot Roller-Debry Disco Dodgeball

Information Doesn’t Want to be Free – Cory Doctorow, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer
Walkaway: Chapter One Preview – Cory Doctorow
R in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition – O’Reilly
The Boys Vol. 1: The Name of the Game – Dynamite Publishing
A Little Gold Book of Ghastly Stuff – Neil Gaiman
The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy: Practical Tips for Staying Safe Online – Violet Blue
Any Empire – Nate Powell

It’s hard to argue with that amount of content for $30. As always, the games you get in the Humble Freedom Bundle are mostly DRM-free, and many of them come with Steam keys and are playable on Windows, Mac, or Linux. The e-books, on the other hand, are available in PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats, while the audiobooks are available in MP3 and FLAC formats.

Even better is the fact that Humble Bundle is matching the first $300,000 raised for the ACLU, MSF, and IRC. “We humbly remember that the United States is a nation of immigrants, and we proudly stand with developers, authors, and charities that champion liberty and justice for all,” the website reads. “We chose these three organizations because of the inspiring work they do in providing humanitarian assistance to refugees and displaced people as well as in defense of justice, human rights, and civil rights.”

At the time of this writing, the Humble Freedom Bundle has been purchased nearly 18,000 times and has raised more than $500,000 for these three charities. Unlike bundles of the past, which are usually available for two weeks, the Humble Freedom Bundle will only be around for seven days. Hop to it, because we’re not likely to see a Humble Bundle of this size for quite some time.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle

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