Humble Freedom Bundle ends amazing run with $6.5 million raised

The Humble Freedom Bundle has come and gone, but it's ending its week-long run in success. The Humble Freedom Bundle was unlike any other Humble Bundle we'd ever seen before, offering nearly 50 games and books to benefit three charities: the ACLU, Doctors Without Borders, and the International Rescue Committee. The bundle apparently resonated with PC gamers, as it raised nearly $6.5 million by the time everything was said and done.

In fact, when we count the $300,000 Humble Bundle itself promised to match, then donations come dangerously close to $7 million raised. Though bundles of the past have allowed players to name their own price, this was a bit different. Instead, the Humble Freedom Bundle required a minimum of $30, but plenty of people paid more than that.

It's easy to see the draw, too. Indie gems like The Witness, Subnautica, and Stardew Valley were featured in the bundle, along with lesser-known and more niche indie games. Considering that the full retail price of those three games comes to $65 altogether, then it's pretty easy to see why the Humble Freedom Bundle took off.

In the end, 201,425 bundles were sold over the seven days it was available. "We humbly remember that the United States is a nation of immigrants, and we proudly stand with developers, authors, and charities that champion liberty and justice for all," Humble organizers wrote when the Humble Freedom Bundle first launched.

Over the years, Humble Bundle has raised millions of dollars for charity, but this is the first time it's focused on charities like the ACLU. Humble Bundles still launch every few weeks, but it's probably going to be quite some time before we see another one on this scale, if we ever do at all. Did you manage to pick up the Humble Freedom Bundle while it was still available? Head down to the comments section and let us know!