Humble Bundle gets Stephen King story exclusive to raise ACLU funds

Humble Bundle is currently the exclusive source for a new Stephen King short story called Red Screen. The story is offered on a pay-what-you-want basis, meaning the price starts at $5 but you can optionally enter other amounts to pay. The funds for the story will go entirely to charity — in this case, to the American Civil Liberties Fund (ACLU).

The new Stephen King story is, as you'd expect from the author, a creepy short about a cop who learns something "insidious" while interrogating a "deranged plumber" who murdered his wife. The story is offered as a digital download in PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats, meaning it should work on just about any e-reader, tablet, and smartphone.

More than 10,000 copies of the story were sold as of the publication of this article, raising more than $83,000 for charity. The Humble Bundle website lists the story as available for around another five days; it's unclear where the story will be made available to read once the exclusivity period ends.

Humble Bundle has been around for a little more than a decade; during that time, the company has raised around $199,000,000 for charity, according to its website. The company rotates between different charity groups on a monthly basis, including the American Red Cross, WWF, Worldreader, Make a Wish, and others.

Popular horror author Stephen King, meanwhile, is a known supporter of various public services; he donates a few million dollars every year to fire departments, schools, and libraries, for example. Humble Bundle notes that 100% of the funds spent on Red Screen will go to the ACLU.