Humble Bundle charity sliders return after fan pushback

Last month, Humble Bundle announced the controversial decision to redesign its bundle pages and remove the sliders that buyers can use to customize how the money from their purchases is distributed. Those sliders have been part of Humble Bundle since the very first Humble Indie Bundle was offered, so the sudden disappearance of them sparked considerable push back from Humble Bundle's user base. Today, Humble Bundle brought the sliders back, saying that the response to their removal was heard "loud and clear."

"We've heard everyone loud and clear and apologize for the way these changes were rolled out. We are now taking a moment to pause, collect constructive feedback and be more transparent about the path forward," the Humble Bundle team wrote in a blog post today. "Today, we'll be turning sliders back on for all customers on our bundle pages while we take more time to review feedback and consider sliders and the importance of customization for purchases on bundle pages in the long term."

While Humble Bundle still plans to launch a redesigned store, it sounds like the sliders will be sticking around even after that redesign goes live. "In the coming weeks, we'll roll out the updated design which will include sliders that work exactly as they did previously. Once the new design is live, we will continue to iterate on it, incorporating feedback from the community into its ongoing evolution," the company added.

Even though the sliders – which allow purchases to split their money between developers/publishers, charity, and Humble Bundle however they want – will be around in the future, it sounds like Humble Bundle is leaving the door open for changes to them in the future. The company said that future development will involve "exploring different approaches to the sliders and how splits work," so we may not always have that granular control over where our money goes even with the sliders present.

For now, however, the sliders are back and they're working the way they always have in the past. We'll see what the future holds for Humble Bundle and its sliders, but given the pushback to this change that was implemented back in April, we're guessing that Humble Bundle will want to tread carefully with any changes it considers from here out on.