Humax TV – coming straight from London’s ChauhanStudio

James Allan Brady - Mar 28, 2008

This beautiful and elegant TV coming from Humax is a thing of retro art. It even manages to pack in multiple functions including the ability to just play the radio when you need it.

Not only does this television look amazing, but if space is low in your living space it can provide multiple functions in a unit with a very small footprint. Sure that speaker on the bottom isn’t likely to sound the greatest, but it looks like it will do better than most integrated audio on other TV’s.

Mainly I just live the way this design is an LCD throwback to the 70s with the bubble shaped televisions. It’s also really cool that it has a radio built in as well, its just a concept, but it will be shown off in Milan soon, and then you might see it at the Humax booth at the next show they attend.

[via mocoloco]

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