Humanscale Paramount Parabolic Multi-Monitor Display

That's the long ass name of a product that holds up to 8 LCD monitors on a single stand. The best part is that it's a tool-less operation to add another monitor to it (if you don't fill up all 8 slots as soon as you get it), they just snap into place.

No word on what the size limitations for the monitors are, I mean 8x30" Apple Cinema Displays would be nice, but I don't think it can quite do that. It certainly is a behemoth though, and I want one, filled with displays.

They aren't going to be available until later this quarter so I don't have any pricing info for you, but I can tell you that you only get the monitor stand, the monitors are all on you and will probably cost a small fortune, but if you'll use it its probably worth it. Who would have ever thought that Quad-SLI would have been used to drive 8 monitors at mediocre resolutions instead of one big monitor and amazing speeds and resolutions.

[via Crave]