Hulu update adds channel filters to personalize Live Guide

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 14, 2018, 4:05 pm CDT
Hulu update adds channel filters to personalize Live Guide

Hulu has released a big update for its Android app, adding new features for Live TV customers specifically, as well as default autoplay on collection clips and the ability to seek during playback. Similar features haven’t arrived in the iOS app, though it’s possible we’ll see an update with them drop in the near future.

The update arrived for Android users yesterday, though you’ll need a Live TV subscription to enjoy two of the changes. Assuming you’re signed up for Hulu’s livestreaming television service, this update has added the ability to personalize the channels that appear in the account’s Live Guide.

Users can choose filters for types of content, such as Sports and Kids, according to the company. As well, anyone who utilizes Hulu Live TV’s DVR feature now has the ability to see if a show is currently recording. This is presented as a peace-of-mind feature and can be found in the Cloud DVR tab.

Within that tab, anything that is being recorded will show a badge that says “Recording now.” This helps reassure users that the show they want is definitely being saved for viewing at a later time.

That aside, all Hulu users can now seek during a show’s playback; this is done by double tapping the rewind/forward icons on the screen. Finally, as mentioned above, clips housed in collections now have autoplay enabled.

SOURCE: Google Play

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