Hulu Plus, HBO GO, and Max GO get closed captions on mobile

A few of those popular video streaming apps we all use on our mobile devices have just received a nice little update today. If Netflix isn't cutting it and you've resorted to Hulu Plus, HBO GO, or Max GO then we have good news. They've all been updated this week for Android (and iOS) with support for full closed captions.

Back in June Netflix had a lawsuit tossed against them regarding not offering CC, which ended in their favor, although this has nothing to do with that but they could be avoiding it. Earlier this week all three of the apps mentioned, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, and Max Go received updates for iOS which brought closed caption support, and today Android is getting the same.

Those moments where you don't have headphones, or are in public and would rather have the volume down and use CC this will really come in handy. It isn't a major improvement, but something I've been waiting to come to HBO GO for months and months — well that and tablet support on Android.

Hulu specifically mentions that a few languages are available other than English, but the others make no mention of that, nor did we find the option in settings. Hulu also added Facebook integration where users can share what their viewing (links, not the content) and a few other new features but sadly no rewind capability like iOS received. Obviously to truly enjoy any of these options on Android or iOS you'll need a subscription to each individual service, but we welcome any and all new features. Get ready to enjoy Boardwalk Empire and more with CC. Personally I'm a Dexter fan.

[via AndroidCommunity]