Hulu Plus Could Bring Ad-Free Option to Customers, if You're Willing to Pay for it

Considering most, if not all of the rumors about Hulu Plus came true, we're going to go ahead and point out that this one's probably going to come true, too. Especially considering the fact it's not so much of a rumor, but more of a "confirmation" from the Chief of Hulu himself, Jason Kilar. A confirmation that he's "comfortable" with the idea, that is. Not that it's coming.

Late Wednesday night, speaking with NewTeeVee, Kilar mentioned that he would be perfectly comfortable adding a more expensive tier to Hulu Plus, which would completely remove ads. As you know, Hulu Plus doesn't get rid of ads while you smack down that $9.99 per month — it just gets you a wider catalogue of your shows, at all times. So, while most people are accustomed to ads while they watch shows (they still exist on standard cable and satellite, after all), some people have a different outlook on watching shows/movies on their computer. No ads is better for the viewer, but not for the companies trying to make money from those ads.

Hulu makes its money, right now, from those advertisements. And so do the broadcasting partners that provide those videos for people to watch. So, for those companies to agree to do something like this, the monthly subscription would have to be worth it, money wise. But, at the same time, the money would have to be worth it for the customer to spend. Too expensive for too little content, no one will jump on board. However, if Hulu can find the right spot, the sweet spot if you will, then they can probably make everyone happy in one fell swoop.

[via Electronista]