Hulu Plus Could be Adding CBS and Time Warner in Time for Paid Subscription

Until we get some kind of official confirmation, we're still sticking to Hulu Plus. It just has that kind of ring to it that we can't ignore. And it's been awhile since we last heard anything about the subscription-based service for one of the Internet's most popular video streaming services. While we already know that the subscription service will likely appear on Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Apple's iPad, the content of that subscription has been tossed around all willy-nilly. Thanks to a leak, though, we can start to see what may be utilized as content.

While the iPad already has an ABC application (which is pretty popular, actually), Hulu looks ready to grab up CBS content, as well as anything they can get from Time Warner. The deal itself is still in the negotiation phase, and the leak itself seems to have come from the depths of those negotiations. While none of the raw details have been snatched from the deal, one tid-bit of interesting news would be that CBS is ready to start supplying shows as soon as September. Which is right in line for a new season of TV. As for Time Warner, no word on when that would be begin.

if this does go through, that would mean Hulu would have access to all four major studios, which would mean a lot more content would become available. That alone would make it possible for Hulu executives to assume people would be ready to pay for it, even without counting things like back episodes, or more exclusive content. Still no word on pricing, but if these deals keep happening, we're sure that's the next logical step.

[via Electronista]