Hulu new video player launches

Hulu has updated its streaming video player to allow for a cleaner look, a more user-friendly layout of buttons and controls, and even a new feature or two thrown in to prove to users that it is constantly working to provide the best experience possible. This is one of several major upgrades to the Hulu Web player, while rival Netflix has been focusing much stronger on its presence on non-computer devices.

The new version of the Hulu Web-based video player is more compact, and it streamlines controls like pop-out and closed captioning so they are combined into one menu. In addition, the player now automatically selects your video quality for you, based on the available bandwidth of your Internet connection. The biggest new feature, though, is the 10-second rewind button that allows players to basically have an "instant replay" option at their fingertips.

It is true that Hulu has more of its viewership coming from computers on than Netflix has from, but both obviously rely on getting their content out to as many users through as many devices as possible. Hulu doesn't exist on as many products – for example, it still isn't available on Google TV – but clearly it is working hard to make it as strong a competitor as possible.

[via Mashable]