Hulu nabs exclusive streaming rights to 'Empire'

Hulu has scored the exclusive streaming rights to Empire, a Fox television series that has wrapped up its first season. The first season proved to be a success, and those who want to get caught up can do so as of yesterday (assuming they have a Hulu Plus subscription). Empire had its two-hour finale this past Wednesday, and through Hulu Plus all of the episodes are available for streaming...and the future episodes will also be made available once they start airing again on Fox.

Hulu has acquired the subscription video on-demand rights, also known as SVOD rights, for the series. When Season 2 begins, each episode will likewise be available to stream on Hulu the day after they first are broadcast on Fox.

Though in the past it wasn't uncommon for a series to arrive on Hulu only after the entire season had reached completion, that arrangement has largely changed and this new release schedule has become the more popular — and far more attractive — option.

If you don't have a Hulu Plus subscription, you're still able to watch a few of the newest episodes in their entirety — you won't be able to start at the beginning, however, because a Hulu Plus subscription is required to watch episodes 1 through 7.