Hulu might be getting ABC shows

It seems another network's shows just might be ending up on Hulu sometime soon. In fact, Disney is supposedly discussing the move to show their ABC TV shows on the website. However, other Disney-owned shows might make it over as well.

TV shows like Lost might be making their Hulu debut soon. But Disney Channel shows and other Disney network programming could be shown as well. There's no word on how close Disney and Hulu might be to making a deal, but the company is much more interested than before, now that Hulu has jumped in popularity.

Should this deal go through, Hulu would then have three of the four major networks on their web video service. This could make the site a more viable option than even iTunes. However, Steve Jobs is on Disney's board of directors, so we'll just have to see how this one turns out.

[via CNET News]