Hulu Live TV may get “skinnier” with price and channel slashing

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 16, 2018, 5:30 pm CDT
Hulu Live TV may get “skinnier” with price and channel slashing

Hulu is considering changes to its Live TV product, according to a new report, potentially one day slashing both price and channels to offer “skinnier” bundles. In its present form, Hulu Live TV provides livestreaming access to a relatively small number of networks, these provided alongside on-demand content for a variety of shows. The company may break up the product in the future, though, cutting costs while still offering live access to channels in smaller bundle options.

News of the potential change comes from The Information, which reports that it got word directly from Hulu CEO Randy Freer during an exclusive interview. According to Freer, via the report, Hulu may break up its Live TV product into “smaller bundles” centered around things like news and sports. Some entertainment channels may be eradicated under this idea.

Hulu launched its Live TV product about a year and a half ago, joining DirecTV, Dish Network, and YouTube in offering live television over the Internet. Providing a service like this isn’t cheap, though, and cutting some of its live channels would help the company save money.

Those funds, then, could be put toward on-demand content, which is arguably the better choice when it comes to entertainment shows. Some live content would remain, though, including sports and news, both of which are key genres that keep some people with cable and satellite services.

It’s unclear at this point which channels would remain, and there’s no word on how much customers would pay for this “skinnier” bundles, assuming they’re ever launched. In its present form, Hulu Live TV costs $40/month.

SOURCE: The Information

Update: Edited for clarity.

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