Hulu Live TV streaming will support Amazon Echo Show 2018

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 25, 2018, 3:35 pm CDT
Hulu Live TV streaming will support Amazon Echo Show 2018

Amid unveiling its 2018 version of the Echo Show, Amazon mentioned that Hulu would be among its early partners supporting the device. The Echo Show, unlike its Echo and Echo Dot siblings, features a display bumped to a 10-inch size in its latest iteration. Users can utilize this screen to retrieve information, such as recipes, as well as video chatting and watching videos.

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Hulu offers both on-demand and, for certain subscribers, live television content. Questions existed over whether the Echo Show would support the Live TV feature in addition to the on-demand content, and the company has confirmed that yes, it will.

According to Hulu, it will be the first live-streaming television service available on the device, which is something like a smart speaker with a touchscreen display attached. Hulu is home to several high profile cooking shows, as well as Food Network, making its Echo Show support particularly welcome.

Echo Show isn’t a television, nor will it replace a buyer’s TV. Rather, it is a device packing Alexa that provides visual, in addition to audio, content. Users can place an Echo Show device in the kitchen, for example, to retrieve written recipes or cook alongside instructional videos. Hulu already supports Alexa on Fire TV, enabling users to pull up the app and specific content using voice commands.


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