Hulu for Android TV update adds Google Assistant voice control

Android TV owners were just on the receiving end of a Hulu app update, and with it comes the ability to control Hulu via voice using Google Assistant. The new support only applies to Android TV devices that have Google Assistant support, of course. Voice commands can be used for basic tasks like controlling the app's fast-forward and rewinding features.

The Hulu for Android TV update was released yesterday and brings the app up to version 2.1.3. You must be running Android 5.0 or higher to use the app; your device will also need to support Google Assistant if you're wanting to use it for Hulu. Assuming it is available, you'll be able to yell certain commands at the TV.

Telling it to, for example, 'skip' will cause the app to skip to whatever is on the playlist next, whether it's the next episode or another show. There's also the ability to pause and resume whatever you're watching by using those voice commands, plus there's rewinding and fast-forwarding.

All things considered, it's a pretty basic update, but a welcomed one. This won't be the only instance where voice commands can be used with Hulu, though. Late last month, Hulu announced that it will be launching support for Amazon Alexa this fall.

With it, users can command Alexa to control Hulu in a variety of ways, such as turning on a specific network or show, rewinding a specific amount of time, skipping to the beginning or to a different episode, and more. All of this assumes that Hulu is being used on a Fire TV device, though.

SOURCE: Google Play