Hulu ends all support for old Roku players: Here are your new options

If you're still clinging to your ancient Roku player, now is the time to move on. Hulu has ended all support for several of these aging devices, meaning the classic app no longer works. This effectively ends Hulu's presence on the old hardware, a change that has been expected for a while. The news follows Netflix's own decision to end support on the oldest Roku players.

In a support document published late last month, Hulu revealed that it will drop support for the Roku Streaming Player model 2400 to 3100 and the Roku Streaming Stick model 3420 and earlier. Owners of these devices will be able to access the Classic Hulu app until June 24, after which point the service will disappear entirely from these models.

Of course, this is not the end of Hulu on Roku players — you just need to update to a newer device. The company still supports fairly old models, meaning if you're on a budget and want to pick up a used one, you can. In addition to the Roku TV and 4K Roku TV, Hulu supports the Streaming Stick model 3500 and newer, the old Roku 2 model 4210, as well as the newer Roku 3 and 4, Express and Express+, Premiere and Premiere+, and the Roku Ultra.

The Classic Hulu app, meanwhile, won't be going anywhere. The company says the classic version of its app is still available on a number of older devices, including certain TVs from VIZIO, Sony, LG, and Samsung, as well as older Apple TVs, TiVos, and some Blu-ray players.

Users who upgrade to a newer device will get access to the new Hulu app, including Live TV and its more modern interface. If you're looking to move outside of the Roku ecosystem, Hulu is also available on a number of other devices, including other streaming boxes like the Apple TV, casting devices like Chromecast, and even gaming consoles.