Hulu Chasing Buyers Spills Insider; Yahoo Fingered

Hulu is reportedly considering selling itself, though to exactly who is currently unclear. The WSJ reported that an unnamed company had made a speculative bid for Hulu, with the LA Times later suggesting that Yahoo was the interested party. However, no meeting of the Hulu board has been held to consider any offers, and subsequent reports have poured cold water onto the idea of Yahoo being interested.

TechCrunch claims to have heard from a source close to Yahoo that the company "hasn't had any meaningful conversations with Hulu about a buyout." Interestingly, while the original offer was painted as an unsolicited one, this new source says that Hulu is "actively looking for a buyer" and has gone so far as to enlist Morgan Stanley in representing them.

Without knowledge of the exact sources – and their motivations in pushing the Hulu sale story – it's hard to say what's true and what isn't. Hulu has been working hard to negotiate content access over the past few months, though faces a potential cull of free shows as networks consider alternative distribution methods. Back in February the company announced it was nearing 1m Hulu Plus subscribers, who pay to access the back catalog of the streaming service.