Hulu CEO rumored to be on Yahoo's CEO wish list

The man in charge of streaming video site Hulu is reportedly the man that Yahoo wants in charge of its products and services. As you may recall, Yahoo is in something of a transition period right now because its previous chief executive lied on his resume and ended up being ousted from the top spot.

After that horrifying PR nightmare, Yahoo's global media head Ross Levinsohn was appointed the interim CEO. The company is now considering making Levinsohn the permanent CEO, but it also apparently has designs on Kilar. He has been part of Hulu pretty much since the beginning, and has certainly helped to grow it into what could be considered the most significant Netflix alternative.

Prior to joining Hulu, Kilar worked at Amazon for a decade. He moved up the ranks until eventually becoming to senior vice president of Worldwide Application Software. In other words, he knows his stuff. According to reports, though, Levinsohn is the top choice since he is obviously already quite well acquainted with Yahoo. But if he does anything to show he isn't up to the task, the company will likely approach Kilar.

[via VentureBeat]