Hulu 4K streaming: How and what to watch

Hulu has announced that it now supports 4K streaming, just a couple of days after the same announcement came from YouTube. 4K streaming is available today to all Hulu subscribers, but it seems that you'll be limited in what and how you can watch for the time being. In short: if you don't like Hulu's original series or James Bond movies, there isn't much for you to watch in 4K yet.

However, if you do like James Bond, then Hulu's got you set for some time to come. Hulu says that it's added the entire James Bond movie collection, and 20 of those films are available for 4K streaming. At 20 films, that covers most of the James Bond series, with Hulu choosing to highlight Spectre, Goldeneye, and the exercise in overindulgent product placement that is Die Another Day in its announcement.

Hulu also says that all of its original series are available to stream in 4K. The list, which features series like Chance, The Path, and 11.22.63, has grown to be somewhat lengthy in recent years, giving non-James Bond fans a few options when it comes to 4K. Hulu also announced that its newest series, Shut Eye, will support 4K streaming when it launches on December 7.

However, you're rather limited in terms of how you can watch this content in 4K. The option to stream in 4K is currently only available to subscribers watching on a PS4 Pro or Xbox One S. With the PS4 Pro launching at the beginning of the month and the Xbox One S launching in August, there likely aren't too many consoles out in the wild just yet, though Black Friday may have done something to help that.

So, for now, Hulu's 4K content offerings are slim and there's a fairly decent chance you can't watch it anyway. Hulu says more content and devices will be added in 2017, so hopefully that happens at a fast pace once we're into the new year.