Huge Success - Portal's Still Alive Confirmed For Rock Band

Remember last week when I showed you that leaked DLC list for Rock Band? While some of those songs may actually make their way into the game, it's a tentative list at best, and subject to change. However, Harmonix has confirmed at least one of the songs. Still Alive from Portal will be heading our way soon.

This will easily go down as one of the most anticipated DLC tracks for the game. Ever since Portal came out, people (myself included) have gone a bit nuts with all things that involve GladDOS or the ill-fated Weighted Companion Cube.

The announcement was made in probably the coolest fashion conceivable. The Harmonix crew took the stage with Jonathan Coulton and performed the song in-game. That would have been one hell of a sight, I'm sorry I missed it.

[via Kotaku]