Huge Fortnite leak reveals how the island looks without the flood

At this point it is clear that Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3 will involve the gradual removal of the floodwaters, revealing more of the island and the destruction over the coming weeks. Questions remain about how extensively the water will recede, something seemingly answered by a new leak involving the final Season 3 island map. In case this isn't obvious, be warned: there are potential spoilers ahead.

Epic has progressed Fornite Battle Royale using a loose storyline that presents different characters and scenarios. The most recent story evolution involved spy games and the disaster caused by the main character Midas who had developed a machine in an effort to get rid of the Storm.

This plan backfired and caused a massive Storm that flooded the entire island, resulting in mostly water and floating island of trash. Things are already changing, however, with the most recent update that removed some of the floodwaters. This confirmed speculation that Epic is slowly restoring the island.

How much land will ultimately return to the game? A new leak from Twitter user @VollMitBotox allegedly shows the final stage of the battle royale island for Season 3, one that is very familiar, but with some noticeable changes caused by the widespread flooding:

There are some noticeable changes down around The Rig area, for example, with Weeping Woods reappearing, only without being a named Point of Interest. Instead, new locations like The Fortilla will remain, only they'll eventually be on solid ground rather than trash heaps and floating rigs. In addition to what appears to be a lot of mud around the woods, we also see a big new region where The Shark was located.