Huel Hot & Savory deliver two healthy vegan meals in an instant

In the world of nutrition and cooking, "quick" and "healthy" are almost always at opposing ends. Companies like Soylent and Huel have risen to fame for their healthy meal replacements but those can't really be considered "meals" in the traditional sense. Huel, however, is now stepping out of its comfort zone to leave Soylent in its dust with its new line of Hot & Savory vegan meals, meals that you actually chew and eat rather than simply chug down your throat.

For a brand better known for its nutritious and mostly sugary shakes, Huel's newest product is definitely a leap of faith. During these rather chaotic times, however, something familiar that's at the same time still quick, convenient, and painless to prepare could actually give it the edge it needs to widen the gap between rival Soylent.

Hot & Savory currently offers two flavors, a spicy Thai Green Curry and a flavorful Tomato and Herb for those with more sensitive tongues. While differing in key ingredients and spices that give them their distinct tastes, the two share common components like quinoa, lentil, and rice. In other words, these are pretty much the upgraded version of those couscous packs you can grab in supermarkets.

While 100% vegan, the meals aren't exactly low-carb, something to keep in mind for those with particular dietary goals. Both meals deliver Huel's usual promise of 400 kcal per serving, 35 to 49 grams of which are carbohydrates (5 to 11 grams of sugar). Preparation couldn't be easier, involving either pouring boiling water over it and waiting for 5 minutes or cooking it in the microwave for half the time.

Huel's Hot & Savory meals are available in the US and the UK for around $3.65 per meal, though you do need to order more than just one for a minimum purchase. And, yes, the company does plan to expand the product line beyond just Thai Green Curry and Tomato and Herb but gives no timeline when to expect new flavors to arrive.