Huawei To US Government: Please Investigate Us

Huawei is one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world. They have a brand new line of tablets, new smartphones and a ton of new telecom infastructure coming over the next year. But supposed ties to the Chinese military have lead to trouble in Huawei's acquisition of certain Motorola technology. So the company has made a statement to the US government: Please investigate us.

"We sincerely hope that the United States government will carry out a formal investigation on any concerns it may have about Huawei."

So there you have it. The ball is in our government's court now. It remains to be seen if any investigation could be thorough enough to ease the Pentagon's mind, but at least the offer is out there. Huawei has also sparked concern over in the UK, where they recently bid on a telecommunications company named Marconi. In 2008, the Pentagon reported to congress that Huawei had "close ties" to the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

The Director of National Intelligence is on record as claiming that the 3Com-Huawei merger would "undermine" U.S. national security. I can personal vouch that the company reps at MWC 2011 had a suspicious number of Android pins. I can only suspect collusion with the Google booth.

[Via Reuters]