Huawei pokes fun at new iPhones to promote Mate 20 event

Apple has just pulled the covers off this year's iPhones and, unsurprisingly, rivals and haters have lost no time pointing out the holes in Apple's strategy this year. Surprisingly, Samsung is holding its tongue but the OEM that just dethroned Apple as the world's second largest smartphone definitely isn't. Just like what it did after the Galaxy Note 9's launch, Huawei is trolling Apple with some very short ads meant to advertise the launch of the Huawei Mate 20 next month.

If there's one thing that's obvious with the new iPhones this year is that they're all chips off the old iPhone X block. They all look identical, differing only in size (and camera) but bear the unmistakable DNA of last year's 10th anniversary iPhone. To some extent, it makes the task of choosing an iPhone much easier. No sibling rivalry of sorts.

For Huawei, however, they're also more or less the same as last year's iPhone X. While Apple may say "consistency", Huawei implies stagnation. And it is indirectly thanking Apple for keeping things so similar that Huawei has the chance to be the real star of the year.

Of course, that's the same tune it sang less than two months ago when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 9. It called out Samsung's lack of innovation the same way it's calling out Apple now. The question is whether the Mate 20 will indeed be that innovative to be different and if next year's Huawei P flagship won't just be a small step up from the Mate 20 as well.