Huawei P50 Pro leak points to big changes, familiar waterfall screen

While Samsung is seemingly toying again with flat screens for its flagships, Huawei is apparently doing the opposite and sticking to its curved guns. No date has been leaked yet but it won't be surprising if the Huawei P50 Pro will be following closely on the heels of the Galaxy S21's launch this month. When it does, it may still bear some striking resemblance to the P40 Pro but it could be changing the formula significantly inside.

Samsung introduced the concept of a curved edge phone years ago with the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014 but Huawei may have taken the design to its extreme. Calling it a waterfall edge, Huawei's display has a much sharper curvature that almost makes the screen vertical. It may appeal to some in terms of appearances but it is even more guilty of the usability and ergonomic problems that Samsung's Infinity Display exhibits.

According to @OnLeaks, the Huawei P50 Pro will retain that signature design while also breaking away from the P40 Pro. Instead of a dual-camera cutout, there might just be a single punch-hole on the phone's face for a single camera. Selfie fans might be disappointed but Huawei might have a trick or two up its sleeve to compensate.

Underneath the screen, Huawei will also be making a big change, removing the P40 Pro's odd magnetic under-display speaker. It strongly hints that the market wasn't all too impressed with the feature. There will be a standard earpiece, the leak says, but that is open to interpretation whether it will still be under the screen.

@OnLeaks sadly doesn't have more details, including the most important one of all. The phone maker has been struggling to secure its future as far as mobile processors and silicon are concerned. And with SMIC's US blacklisting, it will be interesting to see how far it can keep on going in this state.