Huawei P40 won't have a graphene battery after all

Leaks and alleged insider information are regular occurrences in the mobile and tech industry and sometimes it might be difficult to separate the chaff from the wheat. There are some claims that sound so outlandish to be true but still end up surprising the public. The upcoming Huawei P40 won't be that, however, at least as far as once rumored feature goes. Huawei itself officially shot down the speculation that its next flagship phone will have a revolutionary kind of battery.

Given its continued inability to access Google Play Services, Huawei may have to resort to pushing other features to convince users to buy into it. The company's lead in the photography department may no longer be enough to pull consumers in, especially if its P30, which does have Google Play, is still better than the competition.

One rumor that surfaced earlier this month was that the Huawei P40 would have a graphene battery that is one of the dreams of smartphone manufacturers. It promised not just higher capacities in the same amount of physical space but, more importantly, more stable and less volatile energy sources, too. Given how current technology hasn't caught up with that ideal yet, many called out the rumor for being wishful thinking.

It turns out, Huawei itself agrees. The Twitter post from Huawei France that started it all has been taken down and the company issued a semi-official statement that the information was just a rumor and not confirmation. That practically means one less thing to look forward to in the Huawei P40.

That won't make the phone any less interesting if only for how it will address the elephant in the room. Huawei claims that Huawei Mobile Services, its Google Play replacement, will be ready before the year ends. How that will fare in the market, of course, is still debatable.