Huawei P30 sales claimed to have reached 10 million faster than P20

When you're a company whose future is being put into question, you have no choice but to assure customers, investors, and shareholders that there's no reason to worry. You can say all the flowery words you want but actions still speak louder than words. Either that or you have the numbers to prove that all is business as usual. That may be the motivation behind Huawei's big boast at MWC Shanghai, saying that it had sold 10 million Huawei P30 units in a little less than three months.

To put it into perspective, the Huawei P20 series from last year took more five months to reach that 10 million mark. According to Huawei' statistics, the P30 series reach 10 million sales in just 85 days, 65 days faster than the P20. It doesn't differentiate between the P30 and the P30 Pro but its message is pretty clear: the phones are selling faster than any other Huawei phone before.

There are two aspects to that boast. First is that it's a clear indicator that Huawei phones are popular as ever. For almost three years now, it has sat on the top of the camera benchmarks and there doesn't seem to any sign of stopping. That is unless the company suddenly goes under.

And that's the second aspect of Huawei's well-timed presentation. It is trying to prove that it can reach those numbers even without the US and even in the face of the uncertainty introduced by the US ban. That said, the P30 series still does have Google Play and it might not be the same picture when the ban takes full effect.

The same might not be said for Huawei sub-brand Honor, whose Honor 20 and especially the Honor 20 Pro still hangs in limbo. In terms of features, the Honor 20 is almost as capable as the Huawei P30 but with a significantly lower price tag. The Honor 20 Pro, however reportedly missed the window to get certified by Google and may not be able to launch outside of China because of it.