Huawei HarmonyOS will be coming to these phones next week

Wednesday will be a big day for Huawei and not because it's announcing new phones. Actually, it might tease some new phones but the focus of its event will be on the software that will run on those phones. It will be HarmonyOS that will be taking center stage, figuratively and literally, and it will finally show to the world Huawei's vision for a Google-less world. Of course, its success will depend on how many phones it will be available on and it seems that the company will be pushing it hard even on Huawei phones already out in the wild.

HarmonyOS is, of course, expected to be pre-installed in future Huawei devices. These include the still-absent Huawei P50 series as well as the recently rumored MatePad Pro 2. Those, however, will only be a fraction of the phones under Huawei's command and it seems that the phone maker really wants to push its new OS to everyone.

According to a leak on Weibo, Huawei will be making HarmonyOS available on some existing phones as well. It includes the entire Huawei Mate 40 and P40 series as well as the older MatePad Pro. The foldable Huawei Mate X2 will also be updated and the mid-range Nova 8 and Nova 8 Pro will also be able to taste the new OS.

The leak says that these updates will be available on June 2, right on the day that Huawei debuts HarmonyOS for phones, a.k.a. HarmonyOS 2.0. More interestingly, the source says that phones are also being upgraded in offline stores, suggesting that any new phone from this list that you buy will be running HarmonyOS instead of Android.

That said, there's still some confusion on whether HarmonyOS 2.0 isn't just Android with a custom skin, something that Huawei strongly denies. We will at least finally get our answer after June 2, especially when Huawei's Google-free OS starts rolling out to existing phones.