Huawei event announced with full P50 reveal likely

While summertime can be something of a slow period for new phone reveals, it seems that isn't the case this year. Huawei has announced a new reveal event for the end of this month, saying that it will announce its new flagship products during the show. In fact, the event itself is called the "Huawei New Flagship Products Launch," so that really doesn't leave too much to the imagination.

Indeed, Huawei has likely already revealed the products that will be at the center of this event. At the beginning of June, Huawei announced the P50 series, noting that it wanted to release those phones earlier in the spring but had to hold off because of global politics. We'll likely get a final release date for the P50 series devices, so it'll probably be worth tuning in for that.

Just as well, Huawei will probably use the event to confirm even more details about the P50 series phones. The reveal we saw back in June was more or less a teaser, with Huawei confirming a team up with Leica for the phones' cameras and not much else aside from that. At this Flagship Products event, we'll hopefully be hearing more about the P50 series in-depth.

Huawei today confirmed that the event will take place on July 29th but didn't announce a start time. We do know that the show will livestreamed on Huawei's consumer site and the Huawei Mobile YouTube channel, but apparently, details about the event's start time are coming later.

We'll let you know when those come around the bend, so stay tuned for more. We'll also have the big announcements from the event right here at SlashGear, so be sure to check back with us on the 29th for news on what Huawei announces.