HTC's AMOLED Legend display botching grayscale?

AMOLED screens have once again come in for attention over concerns regarding image quality, as Tweakers took two HTC Legends into the lab to demonstrate the issues they have displaying grayscale correctly.  The Legend – shown here snuggling with an Apple iPod touch and an HTC Hero – apparently proved unable to show regular grayscale, instead offering up a range of muted pinks, grays, greens and browns.

The Legend's screen brightness was also a cause for concern, mustering 253 cd/m2 in comparison to the Hero's 310 cd/m2.  Both the Hero and the iPod touch use a more traditional LCD panel, rather than the AMOLED technology used in the Legend and its larger sibling the HTC Desire.

Unfortunately Tweakers didn't have a Desire to hand to include in the testing, though anecdotal reports from some owners suggest it too has patchy grayscale support.  One point where the AMOLED displays do deliver is in blacks, however, out-performing both other devices in testing.

[via Android Community]