HTC U Ear could be the black AirPods you’ve always wanted

JC Torres - May 18, 2020, 9:13pm CDT
HTC U Ear could be the black AirPods you’ve always wanted

HTC’s new CEO promised last year that the company would go back to making premium phones after admitting it failed to innovate in that market. Half a year later, that promise has yet to materialize even while HTC’s Vive VR platform tries to steady its boat. There have been several whispers about HTC’s next product but few if not none have come to light. Yet another rumored product joins the train and it could be the most disappointing even if these “U Ear” TWS earbuds try to fill what has been an old demand of AirPods fans.

Calling this HTC U Ear the black AirPods wouldn’t be an exaggeration, though the AirPods might be a bit insulted rather than flattered at the imitation. Even Apple fans have been clamoring for the company to release black versions of its popular TWS earbuds and some have even taken to wrapping skins around the buds and the case.

The HTC U Ear only looks like AirPods and may even pair with iPhones just like any normal Bluetooth audio device. The similarities, for better or worse, end there as the HTC U Ear would probably qualify as a cheap knockoff and would probably function as such.

The charging pins, for example, are visible and exposed on the stem of the earbuds and the case opens like a clamshell where the buds are then placed horizontally inside. The case itself seems to charge via USB-C and the entire package could include a short and cheap-looking black USB-C to USB-A cable.

Given the looks, it’s probably safe to expect these buds won’t feature any advanced features like active noise cancellation. When HTC will launch this unexpected accessory is still an open question but its presence in Taiwan’s NCC could hint at its imminent announcement.

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