HTC Touch Diamond goes to Verizon

Well, the HTC Touch Diamond just became available on yet another carrier. This time around, it's Verizon and though it's essentially the same, there are a few differences with the phone on this carrier than on others.

For instance, the TouchFLO interface is customized a bit for Verizon and also features Visual Voice Mail. Also included is the VZ Navigator service, which features GPS mapping built-in. But other than these few carrier-specific modifications, the phone remains pretty much the same.

In case you need reminding, the HTC Touch Diamond features 3G, Wi-Fi, a 640 x 480 touchscreen and Windows Mobile 6.1. What's surprising on Verizon, however, is the price tag, which is a high $300. This includes a two-year contract and a $70 rebate! You'll be able to order this phone from Verizon starting tomorrow.

[via Crave at CNET]