HTC Touch.B based on Qualcomm BREW platform [Video]

Remember the HTC Touch.B (aka HTC Rome), spotted in the wild earlier this week?  The handset was tipped to run Android initially, but MobiFrance have now revealed that in fact it's HTC's first Qualcomm Brew device.  Rumored to be arriving in early 2010, the Brew smartphone will be HTC's entry-level device; there's a brief video demo of it in action after the cut.Video demo after the cut

Right now the UI is pretty basic – though we actually quite like how clean it looks – but underneath there's full support for Adobe Flash.  That should make developing for the platform more straightforward; Verizon Wireless in the US, for instance, have several devices running Brew rather than a more typical smartphone OS.

Known hardware specs include a 2-megapixel camera (though no video recording, at least not in this early build) together with 3G and Bluetooth, but no WiFi.  What we still don't know is how expensive – or cheap – the Touch.B might be, likely to be the deciding factor in its success.

[Thanks Dion!]