HTC ThunderBolt update inbound?

We posted up our review of the HTC ThunderBolt back in March. We figured the Thunderbolt was the fastest phone for data fiends we had tested. However, the smartphone had some notable features missing. Reports that the Thunderbolt was randomly dropping the 4G connection started to surface this month and Verizon promised an update to fix the issue was coming soon. That update may be ready to land any day now.

A Thunderbolt ROM leaked late last week that has a number of changes inside. However, in the change log updates to the 4G service aren't mentioned, but hopefully that important fix is in there. The change log shows that data connectivity is enhanced when accessing the Verizon 3G network. The update will also update email and messaging with SMS and MMS messages now being stored properly in Messaging and tweaks to the email application for sent, inbox and more.

Other features have been addressed too with the timing for device activation improved and the Backup Assistant is now displayed correctly in the application menu. Data centric apps have improved stability with Facebook, Kayak, and Yahoo mail specifically getting attention. The Weather Widget will now give the correct location and tweaks for quickly loading GPS updates were made as well.

[via Android Community]