HTC ThunderBolt March Best Buy Release Date Leaked

Chris Burns - Feb 25, 2011, 12:18am CST
HTC ThunderBolt March Best Buy Release Date Leaked

Oh my goodness this phone has had its release date moved around more times than Spinal Tap has had drummers. At one time it was February 28th, then it was February 24th, then it was even all the way up to March 10th. Now we’ve got a bit of a leak that says no less than all of those dates were bunk. Here’s a photo sent to our sister site Android Community that appears to have been clicked in a Best Buy saying that the time for final launch of the HTC ThunderBolt is March 10th, 2011.

This tip was sent to Android Community by what we call a “semi-anonymous” tipper as they’ve left a name, but it really appears more like they’d like to remain namelsss, and have thusly left a false hook. For the sake of the conversation, their name was catalase. We very much appreciate tips like this when they end up being true, but hiss and boo at falsifiers when they provide fakie shots. In this case, we’re guessing it’s more along the true lines as the date is so close to what we’ve heard already that it seems impossible that someone would fake such a thing.

While you’re waiting for this phone to come out, have a look at the coverage we’ve already got here at SlashGear and take a peek at our much closer look at the phone from way back at CES 2011. Here a nice lady will courteously show us around the phone and have a heck of a time getting the battery cover off with her fine and fancy nails. We like your nails, miss! Be careful with them!

[vms 3a2b5af89203c2b78c67]

[via Android Community] — thanks again, catalase!

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