HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon Shown Off in Pictures

Evan Selleck - Dec 28, 2010
HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon Shown Off in Pictures

While they may not be live photos, or even images of the device turned on in someone’s hand, what we have here is a total of 12 images of the unannounced 4G LTE-enabled handset from HTC. While the official name of the device is still up in the air, it’s currently going by Thunderbolt, so we’ll stick with that. The device in question shares a lot of similarities to the HTC Desire HD, which shouldn’t be surprising considering the manufacturer, but additional details regarding the mysterious handset are still unknown.

What we can see from the images, though, is that the Thunderbolt will have a bit of a secret behind the kickstand. Namely, a pretty large speaker. So, like the HD7 which launched not too long ago, will the Thunderbolt have a main drive towards media, and playing it back on your handset? We know that HTC will be showing off the handset at CES 2011, and with that “with Google” logo right on the kickstand, we’re hoping to see that there won’t be any Bing-specific application on this device.

[via Android Community]

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