HTC Sense UI will be released for "other existing devices"

Speculation a-plenty today, after HTC's Peter Chou apparently confirms that the company's Sense UI "will be available on some other existing devices".  That, understandably, has prompted many Magic and G1 owners - previously to be found looking at their devices and sneering at the basic UI –  to believe that at least one of the two phones will get HTC Sense.  However, it might also be a little more complex than that.

HTC didn't make it entirely clear during their press event yesterday, but afterward took pains to clarify that Sense is branding for their entire custom UI work.  Speaking to an HTC executive at a dinner event in London yesterday, he explained that what you see on the Hero is just the latest step in a UI project that began all the way back at the inception of the original HTC Touch.  That means Sense includes TouchFLO 3D for Windows Mobile, rather than being a separate Android strand.

That given, it's possible that Chou meant that certain Windows Mobile devices could get new Sense UI updates, rather than the company's two existing Android smartphones; likely candidates include the Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2.  It certainly seems more straightforward to port the new UI to other Android phones – in terms of processor and the like, the Hero is pretty much the same device as its predecessors – but until we get an official announcement we won't know for sure.

[via Android Community]