Rumor: HTC Puccini 10-inch tablet supports AT&T LTE

It looks like HTC is hard at work on a new tablet that will find its way to the AT&T network. HTC already has a tablet on the market called the Flyer, so a new and larger screen version is no surprise. The image attached below here is apparently a rendering of the tablet and that is just about all we have at this point other than rumors. The tablet will use a 10-inch screen according to leaked specs and Puccini is the code name for the device.

Other than the support for LTE and talk of compatibility wit the Scribe pen, the specs are a mystery. We can hazard a few educated guesses about the tablets other specs based on what the smaller and older Flyer has onboard. We figure the tablet will have a dual-core processor. We also figure the tablet will have the typical front and rear cameras that Android tablets run. The device should run Android 3.0 as well, but again that is speculation.

The rumor for availability on the tablet is next month so we should be hearing a lot more about the tablet soon. If the Puccini does support LTE, networks it would make sense for the tablet to land about the same time those AT&T LTE networks are available. It looks like one of the halo devices that AT&T would want to get into the hands of folks in LTE areas.

[via Android Community]