HTC One wanders the streets of NYC during GALAXY S 4 event

Craig Lloyd - Mar 19, 2013
HTC One wanders the streets of NYC during GALAXY S 4 event

HTC has unofficially declared war on Samsung. Not in legal terms, mind you, but an all-out street fight in a sense, literally. Before and during Samsung’s GALAXY S 4 announcement event, HTC wandered the streets of Times Square and Radio City Music Hall to showcase the company’s new HTC One smartphone to random passers-by.

If you didn’t happen to be waiting in line at the GALAX S 4 event at Radio City Music Hall, then you may not know that HTC showed up and passed out free beverages to those waiting in line. It’s the ultimate troll maneuver, but that’s not all. HTC posted a video on their YouTube channel showing off the HTC One to random folks in Times Square in order take attention off the GALAXY S 4 and put it on the new HTC One.

In the video (which is cleverly edited, of course) shows a handful of people getting the chance to play around with HTC’s new phone, and a few of the company’s PR folks were there to tell people all about it, saying that they “just wanted to make sure that people got a chance to see it,” among the Samsung festivities.

This isn’t the only time that HTC has downplayed the significance of Samsung’s new device. They called the GALAXY S 4 “more of the same,” and they haven’t been afraid to call out the company recently. Of course, when you make a really awesome device, it’s hard not to get a little competitive, and even a little snarky.

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