HTC One source code officially released

After being announced just a couple of weeks ago, the HTC One is seeing its source code being released to the public. However, it seems that only Vodafone UK and Vodafone France versions of the new device are involved. However, that could change in the future. The release of the source code will make it easier for developers to create custom ROMs for the One.

The source code for the new phone is based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and all the files come in at 100MB in size after it's all said and done. Of course, releasing source code for its phones is typical fashion for HTC, and the HTC One is simply added to a list of HTC devices with source code out in the wild.

While we would eventually see custom ROMs even if HTC didn't release the source code for the One, the official source code makes sure that custom ROMs work seamlessly with the phones that they're put on. Many custom ROMs come with caveats and may not be fully-functional. With the source code, developers are able to make flawless ROMs.

If you're in the mood to grab an HTC One, you can do it right now because it's available for pre-order on AT&T, with a release date of April 19 on both AT&T and T-Mobile. You can pick up the 32GB model for $199.99 and the 64GB model for $299.99. If you already happen to have HTC's Droid DNA, the company also announced that the source code for the phone is available now as well.

[via Android Community]