HTC One (M8) coming in two new colors for Verizon

Nate Swanner - Jun 3, 2014
HTC One (M8) coming in two new colors for Verizon

HTC One (M8) fans, two new colors are coming for your favorite handset. The company has announced their flagship will come in two new colors, starting June 5. Just in time for Father’s Day, one of the best Android phones available is getting a paint job — or two.

The One (M8) will now come in Amber Gold and Glamor Red, which compliment the black, silver, and normal gold we already have. As you might have picked up from the name, Amber Gold has a hint of red to it, more like a rose gold.

Glamor Red, well, that’s just flashy. A bright, almost alarming red color adds a touch of fun to the aluminum chassis. Between the gorgeous 5-inch screen and subtly brilliant Sense 6.0, a red HTC One (M8) might make dad feel young again!

If you want either color, they’re both Verizon exclusives, so keep that in mind. The Amber Gold will be available online and in select stores, though neither HTC or Verizon notes which store those would be. The Glamor Red will be online and in stores, with no discernible limitations on which stores may get it.

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