HTC M10 to come with 2 CPU variants but only after MWC

JC Torres - Jan 21, 2016, 9:20pm CST
HTC M10 to come with 2 CPU variants but only after MWC

By now, CES 2016 is history, so naturally almost everyone is setting their gaze on MWC 2016 in February. But you know who isn’t? HTC, that’s who. That is, if rumors of its not so enthusiastic plans for its next flagship smartphone have any ring of truth. While its other rivals, like Samsung and LG, are always on the rumor mill, HTC’s One M10, also called elsewhere as the “Perfume”, is as elusive as a unicorn when it comes to MWC news. And that’s probably because, according to sources, it will be waiting until after MWC to unveil it.

When it does, it will debut with two models, each with a different processor. One will have the usual Qualcomm, a Snapdragon 820 to be precise, for US and European markets. For China and Southeast Asia, a MediaTek variant will be deployed. HTC has put out different “spins” of a flagship model before, but this might be the first time it goes with a dual CPU strategy for the exact same model.

The smartphone will also launch with Android 6.0.1 out of the box as well as HTC’s own Sense 8 user experience. The latter is something that has yet to seen, as the current public version of Sense is still at 7.

There is, of course, no rule that OEMs need to show off their wares at MWC, but it is definitely a once in a year opportunity to take advantage of media attention. Then again, you do run the risk of being overshadowed by bigger brands.

There might also be one other reason why HTC doesn’t seem to have something ready even for leaks and rumors at this point in time. The company might be distracted from its smartphones by its Vive virtual reality headset, which is slated to launch in April. It is a big opportunity for HTC as well as a big risk, which may explain (but not excuse) why it’s suddenly not so focused on the smartphone game.

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