HTC HD2 tweak enables WiFi N support

As if the HTC HD2 needed any more hyperbole, it's now emerged that the Windows Phone can actually be coaxed to use WiFi 802.11n networks rather than just the advertised b/g support.  The tweak was identified over at xda-developers and requires a registry hack; however some users have reported significant increases in battery consumption when the higher-speed wireless is switched on.

That's likely the reason that HTC chose to disable WiFi n in their shipping firmware, but if you're addicted to speed (or have picked up a Euro-spec HD2 and want to use it in the US where the 3G bands aren't supported) you may be able to live with recharging more frequently than normal.  The tweak itself is reasonably straightforward – using a registry editor go to HKLM\Comm\BCMSDDHD1\Parms on the HD2 and change the value of 11nModeDisable from 1 to 0 – but as with any such registry tinkering there's always the chance that you could brick your phone, so attempt it at your own risk.

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HTC HD2 hands-on:

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[via Engadget]