HTC HD2's Capacitive Stylus Available To Purchase For Smartphones

It seems as if the world is trying to get rid of the stylus in favor of  fingers, but HTC still manages to bring us a stylus, well, perhaps for those who still aren't used to pinching and zooming and tapping and sliding on their smartphone.

HTC 's  HD2; for those who don't know – has a capacitive touchscreen that doesn't work with a normal plastic stylus.  It only works by measuring a change in capacitance, (electrical charge) in your fingers or with this special stylus.

The phone itself doesn't offer a place to actually store the stylus, and if you end up losing it, it's $28 for a replacement (well, at least it's cheaper than replacing your digits).  It should also work with any phone with a touch capacitive screen, i.e. any iPhone, Droid, or even the recently released Nexus One.